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File extension EST is used by Microsoft Streets & Trips 2000 onwards, as well as InfoTech's Estimator application and the National Estimator software suite. Though rare, the EST file extension was used to denote a language file for early versions of the web server traffic analysing software Webalizer.

Microsoft Streets & Trips files contain street map information including customised routes, pinpoints to mark locations, embedded drawing objects and user-defined notes. Style and formatting settings such as map view, fonts and symbols are also contained within the file. Currently, Microsoft Streets & Trips provides up to date street maps for the United States and Canada, as well as information on the location of popular landmarks, restaurants, hotels and ATM machines, which can be accessed at any time without the need for an Internet connection. A live search facility allows the addition of new locations and businesses to maps whilst online, and maps and location information can also be sent to mobile devices or via E-Mail. Microsoft Streets & Maps can also integrate with a GPS Locator, enabling progress to be tracked via a laptop in real-time. As well as providing typical GPS navigation features such as spoken directions and automatic re-routing, it will also locate nearby points of interest such as filling stations or hotels during a journey.

InfoTech Estimator EST file contains construction cost estimate data, and is an industry-recognised file format for delivering building cost estimates for transportation agencies. National Estimator EST files also contain building cost estimates, though may relate to any aspect of the construction industry.

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 can open EST files saved in previous versions of the software, though files currently produced are not guaranteed to be backwards compatible. InfoTech Estimator and National Estimator EST files can be opened in the appropriate version of their respective Estimator software.

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